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THE ALTERNATIVE: RatioDrill VA/INOX - new program is now available


Our RatioDrill is now also available as INOX-Typ for drilling stainless steels and other difficult to machine materials.

The range of dimensions is identical to the already known RatioDrill types S3DIKTA-HM, S5DIKTA-HM, S8DIKTA-HM and S12DIKTA-HM. The L / D ratios also range from 3xD to 12xD.

The catalogue numbers of the new VA types are as follows:

• VAS3DIKTA-HM = 3xD with IC
• VAS5DIKTA-HM = 5xD with IC
• VAS8DIKTA-HM = 8xD with IC
• VAS12DIKTA-HM = 12xD with IC

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