High-Performance with the new "PM-Endmills" from WEXO

Further development in material science and the competitive necessity of cost-effective, flexible production are making increasing demands on tool manufacturers. Although shaft tools made of carbide have gained in significance over recent years, many users still implement the less expensive high-speed steel variants.

WEXO has developed a new range of powder steel cutting tools. The PS105 cutting material used is described as a cobalt- and vanadium-alloyed HSS of powder-steel fabrication that manifests very good properties of hardness, toughness and resistance to wear.

Also new is the HRS profile for rough milling applications, which is said to combine the advantages of fine knurling and finish milling tooth structures.

A Futura coating ensures the appropriate heat resistance to enable the dry machining of high-alloy, tempered steel materials.

The program embraces short and long types of roughing mills according to various DIN norms.

Please find more details in our latest catalogue "Milling Tools 2.1" or just phone us!

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