About WEXO

WEXO Pr├Ązisionswerkzeuge is supporting the industry and specialist dealers with a wide range of products and support around metal cutting applications since 1971.

Our major skills are

  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Threading / Tapping


High quality tools also request a high quality offer of service and performance.

This mainly includes:

  • new solutions for difficult cutting operations
  • a competent technical support, solving problems at your company and on the phone
  • the systematically optimizing of machining processes
  • a flexible and towards the customer oriented sales network
  • keeping over 20.000 different tools on stock to make the most required tools available

All with the aim to improve the efficiency of your working processes and lower your costs.


We want to be one of the best in international competition. Knowing that our customers only stay our customers if our products and our services are most attractiv.

That is how quality reaches a new dimension - the object of our efforts is the quality of our company.