Hard-Drilling and Hard-Tapping up to 70 HRC

To reduce cycle times in mould and die industry with conventional machining methods is very difficult, even nearly impossible. The highest potential for cost reduction today, is given by the technology of High-speed-Milling.

But, also newest developments from the field of Hard-Drilling and Hard-Tapping shows further possibilities to reduce costs but also optimize cycle time. Since more than 7 years, WEXO Präzisionswerkzeuge – one of the technology leaders in the field of Hard-Drilling and Hard-Tapping – offers a permanent enhanced product range for these unique cutting tools, focused on customers demand.

Last but not least, the drills from the „SH-Series“ (SH53, SH60 and SH70) are included in that product range. The cutting material (Powder metal steel and carbide), the cutting geometry and the coating technology are optimized for the respective range of hardness. The result is a process-sure drilling operation into high annealed up to high hardened steels from 34 HRC up to 70 HRC.

Further on, the taps from the „GH-Series“ (GH53 and GH63) – made from powder metal steel or carbide and used for hard tapping operations from 53 HRC to 63 HRC – are included in the product range. Especially the production of prototypes made from already hardened rough material, or also the problem of forgotten threads and changing’s in drawings can be solved easily by using those tools.

Complex and expansive EDM work can by economized. Cycle and reaction time and here from related production costs can be extremely reduced when using this technology.

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