SYNCHRO-Taps and new Synchro-Tapping-Holder

Highligths and key benefits for the user

On today's CNC machining centres, spindle rotation can be synchronized with the spindle feed (Rigid Tapping). This allows a special geometry (e.g. higher thread relief, etc.) on the tap for higher speeds.

  • Higher tool life and reduced cycle times
  • High-Speed tapping is possible

A very accurate thread depth is possible without and correction in the CNC code.

  • Constant high thread quality and process-stability

WEXO SYNCHRO-Taps can be used in a wide range of materials (universal use).

  • Reduction in stock value and variety of products

WEXO SYNCHRO-Tapping holder WRTH

Experience shows that small errors in synchronization can occur. These differences are minimal, but lead to increased tool wear.

By using the SYNCHRO-Tapping holder WRTH, any difference in feed and spindle speed are compensated.

  • Higher tool life
  • Better process-stability and productivity

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