Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Offers / ordering

Our offers are non-binding. Orders and verbal agreements are only valid if confirmed by us in writing. Our customer's terms of purchase or general terms and conditions are not acknowledged by us even if we have not explicitly objected to such terms.

2. Prices

Base prices as given in the current lists are non-binding price recommendations excluding VAT. Prices valid from off Bad Homburg do not include costs for packing, shipping, postage, and value guarantee. Prices and surcharges are always calculated as valid on the day of the delivery.

3. Terms of payment

Payment to be made within 30 days after invoice date without reduction or within 10 days with a discount of 2%. Late payment entitles us to default interest of 5% above the respective reference rate. Exchange charges to be borne by the buyer.

4. Retention of title

a) We reserve the right of title with regard to all goods supplied by us until fulfilment of all claims resulting from the corresponding business relationship. In case of buying for current account retention of title covers the balance claim to be secured.

b) For reasons of security, buyer assigns all claims from a resale of the goods or any other business transactions with the goods to us. In case our goods are sold together with the goods of other parties, the assignment of the claims is valid only with regard to the value of our goods subject to the retention.

c) Buyer is entitled to selling of goods and to collection of assigned claims. We will not collect our claim as long as the buyer fulfils his payment obligations. As long as our claims are not satisfied, buyer must separately keep collected sums and transfer such sums to us. When required, buyer must disclose to us third-party debtors of assigned claims and the value of the claim; also, buyer must advise such third-party debtor of the assignment and must surrender all relevant documents to us.

d) In case of non-conformance with the terms of payment, in case of protesting of bills and dishonoured cheques, buyer's rights with regard to selling and collecting assigned purchase price claims become void. In this case, we are entitled to repossess goods supplied by us. This only constitutes a withdrawal from the contract if explicitly declared so by us. All costs with regard to the taking back of the goods to be paid by buyer. In case of distress, buyer must immediately advise us of such distress as well as of the attaching creditor. Intervening costs to be paid by buyer.

e) If required by the buyer, we will release fully paid goods at our own discretion, if the value of the security provided exceeds our claims for more than 20%.

5. Delivery

Agreed delivery times are adhered to as reliably as possible; however, delivery times are non-binding.

6. Shipment

Shipment is made on buyer's risk. Packing is charged in accordance with the original cost price. If desired by the buyer, empty packaging may be returned after use. Costs for transport of empty packaging to be paid by buyer.

7. Defect of quality

Claims with regard to defect of quality are not accepted in case of inappropriate or improper use, faulty assembly respectively initiation, normal wear and tear, incorrect or negligent operation or handling etc.

8. Liability

Seller is only liable for damages - regardless of the specific legal ground - in case of wrongful intent, gross negligence, negligent injuries of life, body, health, and in other cases of compulsory liability as e.g. in accordance with the laws regarding product liability.

9. Period of limitation

In case no other legally compulsory periods apply, claims resulting from defects of quality and all other claims of the buyer - regardless of the specific legal ground - become statute-barred after 12 months.

10. Return

We have no obligation to take back goods which are delivered correctly and without any defect or damage. In individual cases, we have agreed in written form that we take back the goods, we charge a service charge of 20% of the net sales price or minimum EUR 15,00.
Special tools or individual marked tools we will not take back. 

11. Place of performance, place of jurisdiction, general information

Bad Homburg, Germany is place of performance with regard to delivery and payment; place of jurisdiction is Frankfurt am Main, Germany. German law is applicable. Invalidity of individual provisions does not affect the validity of other provisions.


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