XTOP Milling | End mill with corner radius

The competence for high-alloyed materials!

An optimized geometry which was developed particularly for the machining of corrosion and acid-proof steels, along with a compatible coating, form the basis for WEXO solid carbide end mills of the XTOP series.

The cutting edge geometry and cutting parameters of the end mill have been optimised in such a way that, with Ra values of approx. 0.40 µm, a particularly high surface quality and nearly burr-free material edges are produced.

Roughing and finishing operations were carried out against diverse competitors. The WEXO tool excelled due to its smooth operation – even when driving into the material – and also due to its considerably lower wear.The WEXO end mill also produced an essentially burr-free work piece edge and an excellent surface.

For example,during afinishing process of 1.4571 (Ø 12 mm, R 0.3 mm, Vc = 75 m/min, fz = 0.06 mm/Z, ap = 12 mm, ae = 0.5 mm) using a WEXO end mill,a mean Ra value of 0.39 µm could be achieved, whereas two competitors’values were 1.97 µm and 2.12 µm.


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